Norsk Studio: A Developer’s Deep Dive

Screenshot from an interview between Jan Ozer and Rob Ashton

In this last installment of our interview series with Jan Ozer, id3as developer Rob Ashton demonstrates how the new Norsk Studio provides a no-code, drag-and-drop interface that makes building live streaming workflows with Norsk even easier than with the SDK.

Norsk Studio is an application that was actually built with the SDK, and so it’s by nature completely extensible with the SDK. Users can drag and drop various preconfigured components onto a canvas, or they can customize those components or build their own Studio components with the SDK for a completely unique end result. Rob begins by showing just about the simplest worfklow imaginable — an SRT input, an adaptive bitrade encoding ladder, and a WebRTC output — and then shows a much more complex workflow with multiple camera inputs, a lower third, a camera selection tool, and outputs to DASH and LL-HLS (via CMAF) and WebRTC. Each of those components was built with the SDK using JavaScript and HTML, and users can build additional components the same way.

Watch the full interview below, and set up a demo if you want to learn more about how Norsk can make building your live streaming workflows easier.

Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

Eric is chief marketing officer for Norsk. He has nearly 20 years' experience in the streaming media industry, and more than 30 years' experience as a journalist. Prior to joining id3as, he was editor and VP of Streaming Media magazine and conference chair for Streaming Media's in-person and virtual events. A frequent speaker at industry events, he's presented or sat on panels at NAB, IBC, Northern Waves, Nordic TV Summit, and more. He was a senior reporter for and a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines in the music press.