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We can't wait to see what the developer community is going to build with Norsk. Jump right in and give it a try.

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First Time Here?

If this is your first experience with Norsk, then welcome!

We strongly suggest you head straight to the getting started section of the documentation that should have you up and running building complex media workflows in no time.

Technical Documentation

Every version of Norsk comes with the documentation embedded. In addition, the SDK and API documentation for the last few published versions of Norsk are available here.

Download Your Trial License

Get your free fully featured, time-limited development license here.


Some simple use cases to help you get started, along with containerized build and telemetry / logging environments can be found on Github.

Docker Container

docker image pull norskvideo/norsk:latest
will pull down the latest Norsk Media container on either Intel64 or ARM64 platforms.

NPM Packages

The Norsk SDK is available in NPM @norskvideo/norsk-sdk.
For advanced use cases the gRPC API is available under @norskvideo/norsk-api.

Talk To Us

Our discussion forum and issue tracking system is coming soon.