More Reasons to Try Norsk

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We’ve been keeping busy since our launch in May, adding new features and capabilities to Norsk that open up even more possibilities to our customers—and give you more reasons than ever to try Norsk if you haven’t.

More Codec Choices

We’ve added support for two of the leading hardware acceleration cards on the market for greater energy efficiency and higher density payloads:

  • The widely available NVIDIA GPUs, with their highly efficient encoding/decoding and complex stream compositing/blending capability.
  • NETINT’s ASIC-based T432 and Quadra cards, again, with extremely efficient and potentially low latency encoding/decoding capabilities. On the Quadra, we also support its hardware-accelerated composition and overlay capabilities, meaning that even the most demanding workloads can be delivered efficiently and at scale.

Expanded Monetization Capabilities

If you’re monetizing your live streams, whether through ad insertion or subscription/pay-per-view, Norsk now gives you more options than ever:

  • Support for SCTE-35 and SCTE-104. This allows you to add triggers for ad breaks, set duration times, and then insert ads either directly or via a third-party ad server, enabling you to deliver personalized, targeted ads in your live streams.
  • Support for all major digital rights management systems (PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay, WisePlay, and ClearKey) with EZDRM and Axinom, to make sure your live streams are protected on all devices.

Improved Interactivity

We’ve made a slew of WebRTC-related enhancements, including full-duplex (bi-directional) communication to facilitate use cases like group discussions and remote commentary. Even independent WebRTC players should work right out of the box due to Norsk’s support for WHEP (WebRTC-HTTP Egress Protocol) and ingest is easier than ever due to our WHIP (WebRTC-HTTP Ingestion Protocol) capability.

Want to learn more? Set up an introductory meeting or go straight to our For Developers page and download a trial license. Going to IBC? Arrange a meeting with us in Amsterdam!

Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

Eric is chief marketing officer for Norsk. He has nearly 20 years' experience in the streaming media industry, and more than 30 years' experience as a journalist. Prior to joining id3as, he was editor and VP of Streaming Media magazine and conference chair for Streaming Media's in-person and virtual events. A frequent speaker at industry events, he's presented or sat on panels at NAB, IBC, Northern Waves, Nordic TV Summit, and more. He was a senior reporter for and a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines in the music press.