Norsk Adds Support for NETINT Quadra and T408

Norsk & NETINT

With the growing demand for high-quality viewing experiences on the consumer side, and heightened attention to efficiency for both cost savings and environmental impact on the production and side, hardware acceleration is playing an ever-more-crucial role in live streaming. Here at Norsk, we want users to be able to take full advantage of the hardware available to them, so we’re pleased to announce that we now support NETINT’s T408 and Quadra video processing unit (VPU) modules.

Using NETINT VPUs, users can leverage the Norsk low-code live streaming SDK to achieve higher throughput and greater efficiency compared to running software on CPUs in on-prem or cloud configurations. Combined with Norsk’s proven high-availability track record, this makes it easy to deliver exceptional services with maximum reliability and performance, at a never before available OPEX.

Norsk also takes advantage of the Quadra hardware acceleration and onboard scaling to achieve complex compositions like picture-in-picture and resizing directly on the card. Furthermore, Norsk’s built-in ability to “do the right thing” also means that it knows when it can take advantage of hardware acceleration and when it can’t.

For example, if you’re running Norsk on the T408, decoding will take place on the card, but Norsk will automatically utilize the host CPU for functions like picture-in-picture and resizing that the T408 doesn’t natively support, before returning the enriched media to the card for encoding. (Scaling and resizing functions are native to the Quadra VPU modules and do not require the host CPU be utilized.)

Norsk visualizer showing it running on a NETINT Quadra
Norsk executing scaling and an overlay directly on the NETINT Quadra VPU

“As founding members of Greening of Streaming, we’re keenly aware of the pressing need to focus on energy efficiency at every point of the video stack,” says Dr. Adrian Roe, CEO of Norsk. “By utilizing the Quadra and T408 VPU modules, users can reduce energy usage while achieving maximum performance even on compute-intensive tasks. With Norsk seamlessly running on NETINT hardware, live streaming services can consume as little energy as possible while delivering a fantastic experience to their customers.”

“id3as has proven expertise in helping its customers produce polished, high-volume, compelling productions, and as a product, Norsk makes that expertise widely accessible,” commented Alex Liu, NETINT founder and COO. “With Norsk’s deep integration with our T408 and Quadra products, this partnership makes NETINT’s proven ASIC-based technology available to any video engineer seeking to create high-quality productions at scale.”

Both Norsk and NETINT will be at IBC in Amsterdam, September 15-18. Click here to request a meeting with Norsk, and visit NETINT at booth 5.A86.

Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

Eric is chief marketing officer for Norsk. He has nearly 20 years' experience in the streaming media industry, and more than 30 years' experience as a journalist. Prior to joining id3as, he was editor and VP of Streaming Media magazine and conference chair for Streaming Media's in-person and virtual events. A frequent speaker at industry events, he's presented or sat on panels at NAB, IBC, Northern Waves, Nordic TV Summit, and more. He was a senior reporter for and a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines in the music press.