Norsk for Broadcasters: Flexibility, Scalability, and Low Latency

Screenshot of interview between Jan Ozer and Steve Strong

In March, Streaming Learning Center‘s Jan Ozer spent some time talking to a few of us here at id3as to get a better sense of what sets Norsk apart in the crowded live streaming market. In this installment, he spoke with our CTO Steve Strong about why Norsk is particularly well-suited for broadcasters who are making the transition from appliance-based systems to software solutions.

An appliance-based approach requires significant CAPEX and OPEX investment, and frequently brings with it challenges in customizing those appliances and integrating them with others over a network. Broadcasters using such an approach also often encounter pain points with latency — since each appliance in the workflow adds delay — and scalability, since typically the only way to scale up hardware is with more hardware.

Norsk minimizes or removes these challenges by offering multiple, crucial broadcast-level features in a single system. Out of the box, Norsk offers SCTE-35 marker insertion for advertising, DRM, KLV metadata processing, HDR support, and closed captioning, including with transcription services like AWS and Azure. On that last note, Norsk also works with Whisper from OpenAI, which is currently free.

Below is the full interview. Set up a demo with us today if you’re interested in learning more.

Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

Eric is chief marketing officer for Norsk. He has nearly 20 years' experience in the streaming media industry, and more than 30 years' experience as a journalist. Prior to joining id3as, he was editor and VP of Streaming Media magazine and conference chair for Streaming Media's in-person and virtual events. A frequent speaker at industry events, he's presented or sat on panels at NAB, IBC, Northern Waves, Nordic TV Summit, and more. He was a senior reporter for and a frequent contributor to newspapers and magazines in the music press.